Jimb Esser's CDX Projects

Jimb Esser is an official maintainer of the CDX graphics library. CDX is a Object-Oriented DirectX wrapper designed for ease of use.

Current projects:

  • CDXTetris - A tetris clone, with well commented source code written to help people learn the basics of CDX.
  • CDXN64Tetris - A N64 Tetris clone, with some of the featuers of the N64 version of tetris, including 4-player mutliplayer, piece swapping, gold and silver blocks.
  • CDXBitmapFont - A class originally written by Ioannis Karagiorgos (karagior@pluto.fernuni-hagen.de) that I now maintain
  • CDXConnection - A class for handling client-server network programming over TCP/IP, stressing ease of use and applications in multiplayer games.
  • CDXDialogExample.zip - An example file on how to get a Windows dialog to pop up in CDX.