Purpose of CDXConnection class:

    CDXConnection allows a programmer to easily create client-server networked applications (read: multiplayer games) without having to deal with lower level calls to the WinSock API (or BSD Socket API for you Unix folks) and network interfaces.
    CDXConnection is not dependant on CDX, although its interface is designed to be familiar to CDX developers and the example program NetTacToe is written with CDX and you need to download and install CDX to run it.
    CDXConnection was written and is maintained by Jimb Esser. Contributions are always accepted, and are most easily done via the CDX CVS tree at sourceforge.
    NEW CDXConnection is portable, and will compile and interoperate between both Windows and Unix-based OSes. This means you can program your client and server on windows, and port the server to Linux with virtually no effort, assuming you use standard C++ for the rest of your program!

Downloads: Known bugs and considerations:
  • Dropped clients aren't handled very gracefully, nor are descriptive error messages returned
Future enhancements:
  • Better handling of dropped clients, maybe raw reading/writing to support connecting to other TCP/IP servers (grab HTML documents, etc.)
  • 1-28-1: Finished creating and debugging the class and NetTacToe.
  • 7-32-3: Made class portable, now compiles under Linux/Unix/Cygwin using BSD Sockets
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