This is the temporary homepage for CDX Tetris, created by Jimb Esser using MS VC++ and the wonderful CDX Graphics library in just over 2 hours. Enjoy! If you are interested in a more advanced, feature rich, multiplayer version of Tetris, written in CDX, with source code, check out CDX N64 Tetris.

Please contact me if you have anything you would like to add to the source, have any neat ideas on things to add, or are interested in making some new background images for the game. I may implement a system like in my other 2 hr Tetris that switches to a new, interesting background after every level.
  • v1.0 - Initial release 6-11-0
  • v1.1 - Minor changes - added Next Piece display, branded the background image with a CDX Logo. CDX Logo thanks to Daniel Kinney (majoon)
  • v1.2 - Minor changes to get to work with CDX 3.0. Compiled .exe requires only DirectX 3 (Works on Win NT, since I was at work while updating it :). 7-31-0
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