Purpose of CDXBitmapFont class:

    The CDXBitmapfont class is intended to deliver a faster way of drawing text using DirectX. CDXBitmapFont creates an offscreen surface with the selected font on it and blits the characters to the desired CDXSurface. This should be faster than using the standard windows text output routines.

  • - contains all of the following classes:
    • CDXBitmapFont
    • CDXHorizTextScroller
    • CDXVertTextScroller
  • - contains all of the above classes, plus a demo program showing use and functions of CDXBitmapFont, CDXVertTextScroller and CDXHorizTextScroller.
  • CDXBitmapFont.h (uncompressed)
  • CDXBitmapFont.cpp (uncompressed)
  • CDXBitmapFont.txt (uncompressed) - contains original documentation and notes. Has not been updated much yet.
Known bugs and considerations:
  • 8-bit support is minimal. For transparent colors other than black, you must manually specify the index of the color that is transparent, instead of passing in a RGB() triplet.
Future enhancements:
  • Antialiased text option (on solid color background or with a (slow) alpha blending)
  • 4-4-1: Added support for DrawClipped and DrawClippedTrans
  • 1-23-1: Added support for loading fonts from bitmap files.
  • 12-2-0: Ported over fontsdemo, CDXVertTextScroller and CDXHorizTextScroller (didn't take much)
  • Updated base class to support CDX 3.0 and removed some bugs (mostly dealing with lost surfaces)
  • Maintainership passed to Jimb Esser
  • Originally by Ioannis Karagiorgos (
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