Projects created while in CSci 5107 : Computer Graphics I

These are a few of the projects I worked on while taking a computer graphics course here at the University of Minnesota.
    bezier.exe (68k) A program allowing the drawing and moving of points in a Bezier curve. Also includes the ability to do a 3D "lathe" of the curve with a fairly klunky interface, but the curve drawing works well. The curve part was done only using the PutPixel primitive of OpenGL. Primary download includes only the executable. Source code for the whole thing is available here, and a slimmed down version (withough the 3D portion, hopefully easier to understand) is available here. Please let me know if you get any use out of my code. (763k) Animation of a hierarchical model. A viewer that animates a high polygon-count model with texture mapping. Has the ability to export image sequences in order to create animation files. Download includes full source code. (907k) This is my pride and joy of this class. I went way out of my way to add a ton of features to this that was not required for the class and had a ball writing it! This is a raytracer written from scratch that takes a simple text file describing a scene as input and renders it using a multi-pass method giving immediate feedback to the user. Examples images created (using models I made myself) : [image 1] [image 2]. My raytracer supports antialiasing, specular, diffuse and ambient lighting, reflection, transparency, and refraction. Download includes full source code, example scenes and textures, and output images.
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